Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Engine 2 Diet 28 day challenge

In my previous post, I confessed to my omnivorous sins and vowed to once again adopt a plant based diet with a little help via the Deviously Delicious group on Facebook that would be using the plan from the Engine 2 Diet book by Rip Esselstyn.  This is a 28 day challenge to eat a plant-based diet with little to no added fat.

So, the challenge began on August 28 and by Labor Day, I folded to the temptation of grilled Nathan's hot dogs.  They are a particular weakness of mine.  But, I paid for my indulgence.  Dearly.  I got about two hours of sleep that night in between my trips to the bathroom and I was nauseated and sick the whole next day.  I think my husband has finally realized that I am not changing my lifestyle for the sole purpose of taunting him with my weirdness, but that I really do have a legitimate problem with animal protein because I kept him up all night long as well.

Do you think that I have learned my lesson this time?  Who knows?  I certainly hope so.  However, I have picked myself up, dusted myself off and jumped back on that horse.  Success isn't always instantaneous.  And success after a couple of failed attempts is still success.

Last night, I made the Chalupas from the Engine 2 Diet and they were a big hit, even with the children. Yes, I have said good-bye to the days of multiple meals and they will eat what I eat or they can make or they can make themselves a sandwich.  Or starve.  Whatever.  I figure they will come around eventually and will be healthier and stronger for it.

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