Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The challange. And its impetus. Part 2.

So, needless to say, (but I guess I'm going to say it anyway), all three participants in the Vegucated challenge finished their six weeks of vegan eating.  None of them chose to stay completely vegan, but all of them did alter their eating habits to a more plant-based diet.  However, the documentary had made a definite impression on me. I had given thought to being vegetarian, and thought that I could probably do that because I could still have fish, eggs and cheese.  I believed that since animals weren't being slaughtered for eggs and cheese, there was nothing morally abhorrent to eating those products.  Vegucated completely changed my mind on that idea as well.

The next day, my oldest daughter, who had watched Vegucated with me, recommended that I watch a movie entitled Forks Over Knives.  Without going into a huge amount of detail, this movie set forth the idea that animal protein is responsible for the amount of heart diseases, cancer and diabetes in this country.  Now, I am not a research scientist nor am I a nutritionist, but some of the arguments and studies discussed in this documentary made sense to me.

And that, Reader, concludes the impetus part of these posts.  Which brings me to the challenge part. Which scares the hell out of me. Because if I, in all actuality, throw down this gauntlet on the Internet, I have to complete the challenge. Or eat crow.  And I am not particularly good at, nor fond of, crow in general.  So here it is:

Can I, like the people in Vegucated, eat nothing but a plant based diet for the next six weeks? 

I don't know, but I'm about to find out.

P.S. Vegucated can be seen for free on Amazon Prime and Fork Over Knives is available for instant streaming on Netflix.

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