Monday, July 9, 2012

What do I put in my coffee now?!

I know that technically, this post should be the continuation of the first post, but honestly, I do not now, nor have I ever thought in a linear pattern.  Some call it ADD. Some call it early onset senility.  I chalk it up to have seven kinds, and therefore, rarely, if ever being free to complete one, whole though at a time.  Take now, for instance. As I write this, I have a wiener dog scratching at the door to come out onto the porch with me (he can't because it isn't enclosed and he doesn't mind worth a crap), a four year old screaming, "My back! My back!" in a way that would indicate in a normal, rational person that his back was on fire, but probably means that somebody looked at it too hard, a pit bull obsessively chases flies around the three seasons porch which involves her running into walls a lot, and my twenty year old explaining to me exactly why she believes our house to be haunted and in need of an exorcism. Oh, and church bells ringing in the distance which is actually kind of lovely.  So, today instead, of Part 2, on which I know that you are waiting with bated breath (which for years I thought was baited breath, embarrassing), you get this.  Sorry.

It has been several weeks since my switch to a mostly plant based diet.  I have had my ups (I didn't not eat a cheddar bratwurst on the 4th even though everybody in my whole family did and it smelled soooo good; I ate a veggie burger) and my lows (I did eat queso), but for the most part, it is going okay.  I have found a few things that I didn't know I liked (kale and veggie burgers) and some that I don't know I will ever be able to like (sweet potatoes).  Most days I am able to to stick to all plant based products.  With one exception: my coffee creamer.

I cannot, let me repeat that so that you can properly understand the emphasis here, cannot start my day without coffee.  And a part of that ritual for a long time has been a liquid coffee creamer flavored like sweet Italian cream.  Unfortunately, it contains milk protein and must be eliminated for my transformation to be complete. I have seen soy based creamer and coconut creamers which I am considering because I cannot drink black coffee. I have tried and I just can't do it.

So, my question to you, Wise Reader (hoping that there is at least one, though I sincerely doubt it), is what do you use in place of coffee creamer? 

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