Sunday, July 15, 2012

Some answers. And some failures.

Okay, apparently the answer to the first question I posed, "Can I go entirely vegan for 6 weeks?" is "Uh, no."  Forgive me, Reader, for I have sinned.

On Margarita Friday, I broke down and had a piece of mushroom pizza.  Okay, I had two pieces.  With real cheese.  Now, it is important to understand that though "my official challenge" started only a week okay, I have really been following a plant based diet for several weeks. And for a while, I have been craving something, like an itch in a place that is just out of reach, I couldn't find anything plant based to ease this craving.  So, I thought it must be greasy, yummy fat and when I got a little tipsy, I snapped and gave in.

I was wrong.

It seems that my body "thought" that it required the fat, or the animal protein, or whatever.  However, ten minutes after eating those slices of pizza, by stomach began to rebel.  Violently.  I lie in my bed for an hour fighting the inevitable as my body politely tried to tell me that we were under attack from a malicious invader until I finally gave in.

Let me tell you, Pizza Hut pan pizza, no matter how heavenly it tastes on the way down, is not nearly as delightful on the way back up. No offense to Pizza Hut intended.

So, like so often is the case, my mistake actually taught me something: Once your body detoxes from animal protein, or animal fat, or whatever it is, it can make you sick to eat it again.  That tells me that I probably shouldn't be eating it to begin with.  Lesson learned.

On to the second answer, "What do I put in my coffee now?" The answer, for me at least is this:

So Delicious Coconut Milk Creamer in French Vanilla.  Absolutely yummy and creamy and all the things that I look for in my coffee creamer.  Definitely more expensive than I am used to, but well worth the money, I believe.

In my next post, I'll be sharing what I've been eating for the past couple of days and the effect this experiment has been having on my husband and children. Because I know that you have all be on pins and needles wondering about that.  Or probably not.

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